10 December 2010


1530s, from M.Fr. parfum, from parfumer "to scent," from Prov. perfumar, from L. per- "through" (see per) + fumare "to smoke" (see fume). Earliest use in English was in reference to fumes from something burning. Meaning "fluid containing agreeable essences of flowers, etc., is attested from 1540s. The verb is first recorded 1530s. Related: Perfumed; perfuming.
source Online Etymology Dictionary

"Fumes from something burning"
I was a fan of incense long before I became interested in perfume. It was during my pre-married with children life. I only stopped burning incense after having children since kids and burning resins don't mix. Before the spouse & offspring came into the picture I would often check out any shop I came across that sold cones or sticks. I had several burners at my disposal and kept a decent supply of incense to use whenever I wanted. I knew very little about the process of making incense. I just enjoyed the end product. Recently I placed an order with Mermade Magickal Arts for frankincense resin. It wasn't for the sole purpose of burning, although I had planned on using a tiny bit to burn at a later date. With the order I also received a couple samples of incense. Wow! It really took me back. Since my kids are older now and (most times) know not to mess with my things (lol) I decided to burn a small piece, thanks to Katlyn Breene, owner of Mermade, who also generously added a charcoal block with my order. This prompted me to place an order with Haus of Waft

My impressions:

Mermade Magickal Arts
Spirit Temple
(from the website) Contains Eastern Aromatics, Aloeswood and Sandalwood and Hougary Frankincense, Borneol Camphor from Japan

First sniff it is very fresh and clean. When burned there is a creaminess that comes through possibly from the sandalwood. I usually notice that when sniffing the oil. It doesn't seem strong when the incense is not burned but once on the charcoal the scent filled several rooms on the main floor and travelled upstairs.

Earth Church
(from the website) Contains Poplar Buds, Fir Needles, Port Orford Cedar, Oman Frankincense, Juniper, Pine Resin, Salupati, Rose petals, Bay Laurel, Cedar, Labdanum & Ylang Ylang

This is also very fresh and complex. I kept sniffing it over and over. It is rightly named as the incense has an earthy aroma when burned.

Haus of Waft
Watching Man

This was described on site as a masculine blend which includes patchouli, oak moss, vetiver and orange blossom, among other materials.  I agree that it is masculine with a warm and mildy spicy note. The cone burned for a good 10 minutes. Very nice.

Golden Ground

This one is blended with vetiver, geranium, Amazonian Breuzinho, elemi resin, herbs and spices. The scent of the unburned cones is very light but once on the charcoal it really shines. I adore this one. It is uplifting and comforting.

Heavy Clarity

A generous sample of Heavy Clarity was included with my order. It contains Dragon's Blood, copal, frankincense, Amazonian Breuzinho and spices. Unburned I get the strong spice scent. Burning this one takes me back. :-) 

I'm very happy that I got the opportunity to try incense from both of these companies and will definitely purchase more very soon.

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