24 November 2010

My Place In This Smelly World - Random Thoughts

Disclaimer: This post was written prior to my morning caffeine infusion! I'll try my best not to ramble on but I can't make any promises that my thoughts won't be scattered despite my best efforts. :)

the light bulb moment
I first noticed it when...


It all started when...

Not that either.


The questions. That's it. All those questions that make me think.

I read blogs. Lots of them. Many are perfume related. I find the commentaries interesting, thought provoking and I enjoy the interaction with others. But in reading/engaging in conversation I've come to realize something. I'm the new kid in school. I've been studying natural perfumery for almost 5 years but that measure of time is not what I'm referring to. As I read these blogs I come across posts about 'back when'.

Back when my mother/father wore _____. I only recall a few.

Back when _____ was all the rage. As far as perfumes geared to adults go I have no idea.

Back before _____ was reformulated. Not a clue!

The classics! Why did they mess with the classics! Huh???

I remember when grandma grew the most fragrant _____ in her garden. Whenever I smell (said fragrant _____) in a perfume it takes me back to my childhood. My grandma grew vegetables.

After reading _____ years ago my path in perfumery was set. Well, if Stephen King had written a horror story around perfume I may have been interested earlier.

When it comes to the old version versus the new version I am clueless and unable to engage in conversation (thus feeling a little 'left out'). When I read about a certain perfume I research as much as I can about it and check the notes (Fragrantica is very useful for this) but still without that scent memory my 'experience' is not complete. I'm not saying I need to smell every perfume on the market just become familiar with some of the more popular ones. But now my question is do I go on a hunt for these talked about perfumes or just chuck it since my interests lie in naturals?

the green-eyed monster
Reading about all these perfumery events around the country let me just get this out of my system. I'm envious because I can't go! And I'm envious of all you peeps that can travel to these events or live close enough to be able to attend. Where are all the events in Michigan? Yeah, yeah, stop laughing. Michigan? Seriously? I guess I'll have to take on the task of putting Michigan on the perfumery map. LOL OK now I'm laughing!

There, I'm done for now. Coffee is calling.


JoanElaine said...

I can relate.
I became very discouraged at one point, after constantly hearing about what perfume is crap now, but it was so amazing back then...over and over again. I sympathize with those who have lost a beloved treasure, (and reformulation can be like vandalism!) but it is frustrating for those of us who are new to the perfume world, like me.

If you are mostly interested in naturals and that is what you work with yourself, then I say focus your attention where your heart lays. The fact that you came to study perfume without the usual influences gives you a different perspective and that can be an advantage.

There are so many amazing naturals out there and some of them might even be better than the old dead classics! Perhaps you have created one?

The whole events thing...nothing like those events would EVER happen where I live. Scent is a political issue here and it's only getting worse. I rarely wear it our of the house. If I did, and someone caught the lightest whiff, it would be all dirty looks and passive-agressive coughs/whispers/stares.

Lisa BTB said...

Yes it can be very discouraging sometimes but you are right I should just focus on naturals. There are really nice naturals that I've only recently became aware of. I haven't blended anything comparable to a classic but I'm still hopeful LOL. One day...