07 July 2010

The Mystery of Musk - Verdigris

Verdigris by Elise Pearlstine of Bellyflowers Perfumes

Verdigris opens with a bold spicy cinnamon-like note paired with a wet "green" note that fades after a couple minutes into a warm sweet mildly spicy earthy scent. Fresh cool fir balsam absolute is sweetened by green mandarin, clary sage and ylang ylang essential oils. As the heart steps in violet leaf & lavender absolutes begin to bloom. Clary sage and opoponax absolutes round out the middle. Verdigris really has that outdoors feel to it. Contrary to the warm spiciness the more I sniff the more I picture hiking through a forest taking note of all the flora, resting by a cold stream, the heat of the sun shaded by the tall trees and sitting quietly as a furry forest resident peeks its head out to see if it is safe to move further.

The base, which is made up of several heavy hitters such as patchouli, labdanum absolute and Africa stone tincture is suprisingly light. With ambergris and benzoin completing the base the animalic note is there, just very faint. Verdigris puts me in a relaxed state of mind.

one word: nature

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