02 June 2010

The Mystery of Musk - A Natural Perfumers Guild Project

Select perfumers of the Natural Perfumers Guild, perfume bloggers and Basenotes have come together on a project about the beloved musk! You can read more about it here: Anya's Garden blog.

Participating Perfumers:
Adam Gottschalk –
Lord’s Jester
Alexandra Balahoutis –
Strange Invisible Perfumes
Alfredo Dupetit –
BioScent by dupetit
Ambrosia Jones –
Perfume by Nature
Anya McCoy –
Anya’s Garden Perfumes
Charna Ethier –
Providence Perfumes
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz –
DSH Perfumes
Elise Pearlstine –
Belly Flower Perfumes
Jane Cate -
A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes
JoAnne Bassett –
JoAnne Bassett Perfumes
Lisa Fong –
Artemisia Perfume
Nicholas Jennings –
Sharini Parfums Naturels

Participating Bloggers:
I Smell Therefore I Am - Abigail Levin
Perfume Shrine - Elena Vosnaki
The Non Blonde - Gaia Fishler
Indie Perfumes - Lucy Raubertas
Bitter Grace Notes - Maria Browning
CaFleureBon - Michelyn Camen
Olfactarama - Pat Borow
First Nerve - Avery Gilbert
Olfactory Rescue Service - Ross Urrere
Grain de Musc - Denyse Beaulieu


Chris Morrison said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am excited about this project. I have saved your blog to my blog file and I will follow along with your Musk Adventure!


Lisa BTB said...

Thanks Chris. I'm following your blog also.