05 June 2010

Butterflies, Butterflies, Musky Little Butterflies

If you read my last post and followed the link to learn more about The Mystery of Musk project then you'll have read the part that states five members of the Yahoo Natural Perfumery group were to be randomly chosen to evaluate the musk perfumes made by the select group of natural perfumers. Well...I was selected as one of the evaluators! Oh-Em-Gee! I am excited and extremely nervous at the same time. This has already been a learning experience and if I don't pass out every time I think of evaluating then this will also be a very fun experience. Reviews will be posted here and other participating blogs the week of July 1-7. Click on the Mystery of Musk link above for the list of bloggers. Those chosen from the Yahoo group and Basenotes who have blogs will be added here as I get the links.

Ironically, before I learned that I was going to be an evaluator I had decided to step a little further out of my comfort zone and start blogging weekly about niche perfumers/natural perfumers whose perfumes I've had the pleasure of sampling. Tune in tomorrow to see who will be spotlighted.

Ohhh...there goes those darn butterflies again.

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