06 June 2010

Scent, You Say?: The Scented Djinn

I was the lucky recipient in a recent blog giveaway of two new perfumes by natural botanical perfumer Justine Crane, of The Scented Djinn. Having sampled several of Justine's perfumes I'm not surprised that I liked these two as well. Jameel Eau de Parfum is a fresh, summery, citrus perfume with notes of neroli (yum!) & petit grain, gardenia and an added richness from labdanum & oudh. Jameel is a light and fresh fragrance perfect for spring and summer. It takes me outside on a lazy day to a place that is warm and tranquil. To put it simply, Jameel is relaxing while inhaling a fresh sweet citrus-scented summer breeze.

Sahar Eau de Parfum is the other I received. This one opens warm & effervescent with a sweet/tart note that reminds me of Pixie Stix candy. But this is not a sweet candy-like fragrance. It's a nicely balanced soft woody (Australian sandalwood & Himalayan cedar) sweet (honey) floral (jasmine grandiflorum & champa) perfume. I love wood perfumes and to me this is a feel good type of scent. Sahar is the kind of fragrance that (at least on me) draws one in closer to get a good whiff.

In addition to selling perfume and body care loveliness from her shop, The Scented Djinn, on Etsy Justine is also a blogger and teacher/course developer for Natures Nexus Academy of Perfuming Arts. Follow along with Justine's perfumed adventures on her blog Oh, True Apothecary!

Make sure to look for next Sunday's Scent, You Say? perfume experience!

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