04 May 2010

Mint Heaven

Yesterday I visited a local nursery near my home to pick up a couple lemon verbena plants. What I walked out with, along with the verbena, was a tray of various mint plants (apple, pineapple, ginger, chocolate, orange and spearmint). I can't wait for these to spread and flower! Some I'll keep for tea and some more I'm going to tincture (that should be fun & interesting). If I have enough I may try to distill some. A cool mint hydrosol on a hot summer day sounds good to me. Now I just need to get my hands on a peppermint plant. I also picked up basil, rosemary and pineapple sage. I want to go back for more but I need to make space for more pots. So far my gladiolas are coming up & my tuberoses (swoon) are peeking through.

Ahh...life is good. ;-)


Robyn said...

Love your blog layout Lisa!

Lisa BTB said...

Thanks Robyn!