27 August 2016

Autumn Is Coming

Summer is almost over even though the temperature outside has been staying above the 80 degrees mark, even at night. It has been hot and humid but I'm thankful for the rain, or rather thunderstorms, that have come through cooling the air (and watering my beloved tuberoses). In less than a month (September 22) the autumn equinox will arrive and I'm so excited.  Autumn is my favorite season, but also coming up is the 10th anniversary of Blossoming Tree Bodycare. BTB became an official business in October of 2006.  This October I am planning a big celebration. Details will be posted here a little later. I may not have posted here regularly like I had planned but I have been working hard at getting products developed to add to my Etsy shop and also working on finally getting my website up and running. All in all everything is falling into place. And it feels good to be back doing what I love. 

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