15 March 2016

In The Thick Of It

I enrolled back in school in the fall of 2014. I have a plan that I'll bore you with at a later time. Going back to school has been tough. Exciting, interesting, motivating, enlightening, but tough. I had to step out of my comfort zone to do what I wanted to do. This semester has been a good one though. But I've also found myself missing crafting. Working my way through my March Product-A-Day challenge has really opened my eyes to just how much I miss it. How much I miss being in the thick of things. Planning, mixing, trying new materials, blending fragrant material for use in soaps, perfumes & lotions, chatting with fellow crafters, participating in perfume projects. I miss it all. And I've also become aware of how much time I waste doing other things (cough Facebook cough) when I could be better utilizing that time making soap or perfume.  I can find time to schedule almost anything or anyone else in my day but I seem to neglect scheduling "me" time. That has to change. Because with all that I do I have the time to fit in what I need. I just have to better organize my time. 

I still haven't uploaded the pictures of my products that are completed. I'll probably end up posting an album at the end of the month. I happened to hop over to a soaping forum that I'm a member of and came across an old post about an apple cider vinegar hair/scalp rinse that I made. I haven't made this rinse in a long time so my project for today was to get a new batch going. Plus I made a few non-bath & body items that I love. You'll see them soon. I promise! Now, let me hop back over to Facebook, then Twitter before going on LinkdIn. Just kidding! I'm going to study for my physiology exam that I have to take tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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