05 July 2011

A Visit To The Botanical Gardens

I planned on spending my 4th lazing around but had a change in plans. So while I was out I made a little detour to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I had a nice time walking first through the outdoor gardens then in the conservatory, where the tropical plants are located.  It was 88 degrees yesterday as I walked around sniffing flowers, including every tuberose I came across. :) But I started to get hot and had this brainiac idea to get out of the hot sun and into the conservatory. Yes, the conservatory, that houses the tropical plants. Not only was it hotter in there than outside it was also very humid. By the time I left I felt like someone threw a bucket of water on me.  Despite the heavy sweating I really enjoyed myself and plan to go back next month when more flowers have bloomed.

 My first time smelling a honeysuckle.

I was standing next to this osmanthus tree sniffing like crazy trying to find where the gorgeous scent was coming from. I finally turned around and saw it.

A sausage tree. I believe those outer pods break open to reveal flowers on  a vine.

Isn't this Winter Wonderland gorgeous?

I snapped this photo on the way out the door.  Since I didn't go closer to check it out I have no idea what the name of this tree is but you have to admit it is unique.

A beautiful water lily

Now a note about this HUGE agave.  I estimate it to be well over 6 ft high and across.  I obviously watch to much SyFy channel because when I went to the back section where this plant was located I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it. I was actually nervous about getting close to it in case it reached out to grab me. But curiosity got the better of me (isn't that always the case in those scifi movies?) so I stepped closer. :) And I'm still here lol.

Feed me Seymour!


Libby said...

It's been so long since I went to a botanical garden. Now let me see about doing something about that. I glad you lived to tell of it. Feed me Seymour! lol

Lisa BTB said...

LOL my imagination ran wild. This was my first visit to this garden. It was really nice and I was amazed at the plant life that was there.

aromatarii said...

Lisa, Your first time smelling honeysuckle! It grew like a weed
on our back gate growing up.

Great pictures.

Lisa BTB said...

Thanks Denise! Yeah, my first time smelling honeysuckle. I didn't grow up around a lot of fragrant flowers so I feel like a whole new world is opening for me. A kid in a candy store I suppose LOL.