27 June 2011

In The Works - Tea Perfume

When I first started thinking of characters in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream for the recent scent event I participated in one I thought of focusing on was the Little Indian Boy. A minor character, yes, but one that caused friction between Oberon & Titania.  What came to mind was tea, sweetly scented flowers and spices. Dark, rich, full-bodied with a slight smokiness. However I quickly pushed that back because warm and spicy perfume in the summertime just didn't move me. I am however going to work on this for autumn/winter. But what about a tea perfume for summer? That one is in the works. The soothing scent of rooibos, intoxicating jasmine sambac or lotus blossom, sweet chamomile and perhaps a bit of mint to cool things down. Rooibos, black tea, green tea and Lapsang souchong may all find their way into a tea set. And there is vanilla, cinnamon, clove and cardamom to add a little spice. Mmmm...  I'm not a foody scent person so I'll work to blend these perfumes in such a way that although they will smell like tea you'll be less likely to lick your wrists. 

all photos courtesy of Wikipedia 


Robyn said...

Sounds wonderful Lisa! Much success!

Lisa BTB said...

Thanks Robyn!