18 May 2011


Commiphora crenata-serrata

When I received this commiphora resin I wasn't sure what to do with it. It was new to me and I needed to go through all the steps of evaluating properly.  Of course it needed to be tinctured before I could do that. I measured the resin & alcohol and added them to a jar. I tucked it away in a cabinet and completely forgot about it. Months passed before I remembered it was there.  It had been tincturing for over a year when I thought to use it in my Nymph (A Midsummer Night's Dream Scent Event) perfume. I used a rather large percentage in my formulation and I must say it adds a rich warmth and mild sweetness to my blend. I like what it adds to my perfume, so much so that  I plan to buy more.  Anyone interested in purchasing this commiphora resin, along with a couple others can do so from the African Aromatics site. These resins are shipped from South Africa by natural perfumer Sophia Du Toit. 


Ankica said...

Good luck dear:)

Lisa BTB said...

Thank you!

Anu Prestonia said...

Sounds fascinating! Thank you for sharing this Lisa! I going to repost!

Lisa BTB said...

You're welcome!