13 May 2011

Fare Thee Well, Nymph

I'm putting the finishing touches on my perfume for the Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Event. From when I started blending to what I'm finishing with has gone through many changes. My focus was on Helena and several other aspects of the surroundings. I admit I was going to abandon the idea and move on to something else then things started to fall into place. At one point I thought about making a spicy tea scent for the little Indian boy but that would've been to warm for summer. It may show it's face come the fall.

The photo to the left is the flowers of one of the essences being used in this perfume.


Ankica said...

Did you give name to perfume yet? :)
Tell us more! :)

Lisa BTB said...

Hi Ankica,
I have named it Nymph. I'm using Queen of the Night absolute and several woods. It's not overly sweet but rather a fresh white floral heart and warm drydown.