09 November 2010

The Blending Hour

I love the early morning. The stillness in the home. The smell of coffee brewing. It would seem this would be the perfect time to work on perfume. A time when it's quiet and I can be undisturbed. A time when my mind is clear and I'm well rested. But for some reason I'm more drawn to work late at night just as I finish cleaning the kitchen, shut down the downstairs area and turn on the alarm. At a time when my body is tired and too many thoughts have invaded my brain from the day's activities. I should be finding my way to bed but instead I head over to where I keep my blending tools, pull out several essences and start to play. I say to myself that I'm only going to take out a couple and write an idea or two down. An hour later I'm still there with 20-30 bottles, sample vials, pen, note cards and scent strips. What if I take out this and add that? And so it goes until I am summoned upstairs to get some rest.  It's like that movie Groundhog Day. This routine plays itself over each night. I know how it'll all play out yet I continue to tell myself I'll only be there a minute or two. It's all just a harmless game. I don't try to fight it or force myself to work at different times. I may sit during the day and work a little on a blend but it's late at night when my focus shifts to aromatics. I just go with the flow. I may be tired from a full day but it's this time when I understand what I'm working with better. Do the essences talk to me more at night? Well, I'm not that new agey, but I do "get" them more then than I do at other times. Maybe I just conditioned myself early on in my studies when late night was the only time I could carve out to work and now it's habit. Whatever the case, somewhere between 12:30 & 1:00 AM I'll be downstairs working on that amber accord.

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