17 October 2010

The Graces' Attar Natural Perfumery

I've had the pleasure of (virtually) knowing Jody Pass for a few years now, when she owned & operated Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles. Recently Jody has taken her business is a new direction and adopted a new name, The Graces' Attar Natural Perfumery. Jody continues to make handmade soaps and soy tarts, using natural essences but the focus of business will be on her line of natural perfumes. I was a lucky recipient of one of her perfumes for The Graces' Attar, Thalia.

The first whiff was very nice. A mix of a mildly tart yet sweet citrus and powdery ambrette was refreshing and warm. After about 45 minutes light florals surfaced mixed with wood. The ambrette briefly stepped into the background before resurfacing. Thalia had a summery feel to it and I liked the softness and warmth of it. There were no sharp transitions from one component to another, rather a seamless move from head to heart to base. At first I thought the ambrette was a little too strong but the more I wore it the more I liked it. It wasn't long before the initial burst began to settle in.

Notes include tangerine, ambrette seed, sandalwood, bergamot, sweet orange, frankincense, tuberose, vanilla, vetiver, labdanum and Bulgarian rose.

Along with Thalia The Graces' Attar offers other natural perfume oils such as Devo4, Secret Temple, Georgia, Sultry Jasmine and Water Garden, as well as, custom perfume blending. You can purchase from The Graces' Attar through the website The Graces' Attar Natural Perfumery and become a fan on Facebook at The Graces' Attar Natural Perfumery fan page.


Ankica said...

Sounds sooo interesting :) thanks for links. Bellatrix/Ankica be-bellatrix.blogspot.com

Lisa BTB said...

You're welcome. It is a nice scent. I haven't tried any of the others listed yet.