20 August 2010

HR 5786/Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

Don't be fooled by the name. We all want safe cosmetics but is that what we'll get if HR 5786 aka Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010 passes? Education is the key. Don't fall prey to fear mongering and scare tactics. If you are unfamiliar with HR 5786 please take a little time to read the blog posts listed below. I'm sure by the time you finish you'll know where Blossoming Tree Bodycare stands on this issue. :^)

View the official text of HR 5786 --> HERE

Robert Tisserand -> The Safe Cosmetics Act 2010

Notable Links:
Oppose the Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010 (be sure to check out the Take Action page)
Personal Care Truth

If you oppose this act please sign the petition: Oppose SCA 2010 - Petition Site


Janean said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been typing till my fingers are numb (!) trying to gain support for the DEFEAT of HR5786! My business is limited to soap at the moment, but I had hoped to offer my lotions and other bath products for sale in the near future. This bill will certainly put a brick wall in front of my dream to grow my business! I appreciate you linking to other good blogs (everyone should read them!) and your appeal to not be sucked in out of fear and misunderstanding. The bill is poorly written, and overreaching. One small speck of hope-- the FDA doesn't have the resources to enforce each requirement of it- perhaps that fact will help to keep it from passing! Feel free to link to my posts as well. I was going crazy for the first few days when it got introduced!! :)

Lisa BTB said...

Hi Janean, thanks for visiting and commenting. I know what you mean. When I say I oppose the Safe Cosmetics Act I usually get funny looks and asked why I oppose safe cosmetics. I have to explain that it's not safe cosmetics that I oppose but rather this act and what it proposes. It can be very difficult when some won't look further into this past the name.

Post your blog link and I'll add it.

Aer said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for posting this. When I mention the safe cosmetics act, I get " That's great. Sounds good." And it does "sound" nice, but if the knew what it really entails, then they would say something different. It's good that you posted this, and showed it's real side.
Thanks again,

Lisa BTB said...

Hi Aer,

Yes, the name is deceiving and most people won't take the time to read what it's all about. I mean, who doesn't want safe cosmetics? Or safe anything for that matter. I'm glad I could be of help in a small way. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Aer said...

Hey Lisa,
Your welcome. Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my site? I think the people that visit mine would really take a interest in yours.

Lisa BTB said...

No I don't mind at all. I'll add your link to my blog roll.

Aer said...

Thank you very much Lisa. I added this link and Scent, You Say, on my resources.links page.

sonnenblume said...

Thanks for this posting, very interesting !

Lisa BTB said...

You're welcome sonnenblume and thank you for stopping by my blog.