08 July 2010

Thoughts On The Mystery of Musk Project

It has been very enlightening, to say the least, participating in the Mystery of Musk perfume project. First and foremost I have learned a LOT.
  • I have gotten to know new-to-me essences and witnessed how those I am familiar with that I wouldn't have thought would blend well together can...well...blend well together.
  • I've learned about nyctanthes abortristis and if my rational side overrides my impulsive side I won't try to grow one in my living room. :^D
  • There are natural perfumers who I'm familiar with and have wanted to try their perfumes for some time. This gave me that opportunity.
  • I was also introduced to other perfumers I wasn't familiar with.
  • I learned that really reviewing someone else's work is hard.
  • Several of the same raw materials were used by the majority of the perfumers yet each composition was so different from the others.
I really enjoyed reading some of the reviews posted so far. There are many varying opinions and impressions made. I tried not to read too many reviews before I posted my own so I have a lot of catching up to do.

A big thank you to Anya & Elena and the NPG perfumers! And also to all the bloggers for their creative reviews.


Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

I loved reading your reviews :) You made all of them sound like something that NEEDS to be tried!

Lisa BTB said...

Thank you! They were all so different and I loved trying them all out.