01 July 2010

The Mystery of Musk - Tallulah B. & Tallulah B2

Tallulah B. by Jane Cate of A Wing And A Prayer Perfumes

Tallulah B. has a very soft and feminine opening with a burst of fresh cut flowers and a bit of powder. It brings to mind something old, something vintage. Not in a dusty, musty, moldy sense but rather a perfume worn in a time long past by a woman who is very comfortable in her femininity. Tallulah B. is quiet, clean, fresh and sophisticated. The florals of jasmine, muguet tincture, rose and linden blossom play well together and last from head to heart before taking a step back to allow the rich base including warm sandalwood and sensuous vetyver to come through. The florals are never far behind though. The freshness and femininity is ever present. Tallulah B. is an intriguing scent. Quite different from the other more earthy musks I've tried Tallulah B. catches you off guard. She sneaks up on you when you least expect it and beckons you to come closer.

one word: romance

Tallulah B2

Warm sweet cream infused with rich plump vanilla beans and fragrant rose petals. This is the impression I get when wearing Tallulah B2, the revised version of the perfume submitted by A Wing And A Prayer Perfumes for the Mystery of Musk Project. The florals of Tallulah B2 are not as intense as the first version yet very much in play. It is warmer, sweeter, creamier with an underlying earthiness. Head notes include grapefruit, mandarin & sweet orange with heart notes of rose and mimosa and base notes of vanilla and botanical musk. There is also a bit of rosewood. Tallulah B2 wraps its arms around you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The scent remains close to the body and hugs you gently. Tallulah B2 is quiet and pretty. Naturally pretty.

one word: alluring


Anonymous said...

Your review on Tallulah B2 is my favorite yet!

Lisa BTB said...

Thank you so much Alyssa.