30 June 2010

The Mystery of Musk Project

What is the Mystery of Musk project? Get all the details here: Anya's Garden blog

Tomorrow is the big day to start posting reviews of the submitted musk perfumes from the perfumers of the Natural Perfumers Guild. I have thoroughly enjoyed this process and am grateful to have been able to participate. Thank you to all the perfumers for your wonderful creations. My reviews will be posted in no particular order. I can hardly wait to read what the other evaluators have to say.

If you're on Twitter search #momusk for The Mystery of Musk Project tweets. Below are the links for the perfumers and bloggers.

And don't forget...
There will be one full bottle sent to the bloggers from one of the perfumers for a giveaway. Each blogger will receive only one bottle. Basenotes will receive one bottle for a giveaway, chosen randomly from the perfumer’s selections. The Natural Perfumery Yahoo Group will also have one bottle given away, bottle size at the discretion of the perfumer, and may vary from 4mls upwards.

Participating Perfumers (site and blog):
Adam Gottschalk – Lord’s Jester - blog
Alexandra Balahoutis – Strange Invisible Perfumes
Alfredo Dupetit – BioScent by dupetit
Ambrosia Jones – Perfume by Nature - blog
Charna Ethier – Providence Perfumes - blog
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz – DSH Perfumes - blog
Elise Pearlstine – Belly Flower Perfumes
JoAnne Bassett – JoAnne Bassett Perfumes - blog
Lisa Fong – Artemisia Perfume
Nicholas Jennings – Sharini Parfums Naturels

Participating Bloggers:
I Smell Therefore I Am - Abigail Levin
Perfume Shrine - Elena Vosnaki
The Non Blonde - Gaia Fishler
Indie Perfumes - Lucy Raubertas
Bitter Grace Notes - Maria Browning
CaFleureBon - Michelyn Camen
Olfactarama - Pat Borow
First Nerve - Avery Gilbert
Grain de Musc - Denyse Beaulieu

Yahoo Natural Perfumery group evaluators (those without blogs will be posting to the group)

LisaA [that's me ~ you're already here ~ all is well :^) ]
Marla Robb
Chris Morrison - Joie Botanicals
Alfred Eberle

Basenotes evaluators (I'm not sure who the evaluators are) are blogging on the Basenotes site. Visit here to see the reviews.


Libby said...

Sounds like a very interesting opportunity!

Lisa BTB said...

It is. This has been so much fun for me and a great learning opportunity.