04 July 2010

The Mystery of Musk - Sensual Embrace Eau de Parfum

Sensual Embrace Eau de Parfum by JoAnne Bassett of JoAnne Bassett Perfume

Sensual Embrace...she's a captivating little thing. Sensual Embrace is a temptress on a mission and in all likelihood will succeed. She teases you with her beautiful scent. From the very beginning the citrus of clementine & orange blossoms and floral of jasmine, tuberose and rose de mai hold each other as they dance 'round and 'round. Sensual Embrace is warm and enchanting lifting the spirit while calming the soul. Ambrette seed & patchouli contribute to the muskiness, tobacco to the smokiness, sandalwood and an amber accord to the sweet warmth. There's also a faint spiciness to this composition. The citruses from the top seem to linger a little longer than I expect of citruses before fading, making way for intoxicating florals to dance with a glowing base. This is a good thing in my opinion as I love citruses but most often they are fleeting. It's very well blended moving from top to bottom with ease. Sensual Embrace is a classy, "grown up" fragrance.

one word: seduction


JoAnne Bassett said...

Thank you for a wonderful review. You captured the essence of the perfume.

Lisa BTB said...

You're very welcome and thank you for such a gorgeous perfume.