03 July 2010

The Mystery of Musk - Dionysus

Dionysus by Adam Gottschalk of Lord's Jester Inc

There was no list of notes sent with this perfume so I'm going to make a complete boob of myself and guess at what's in it.

Update: I located the blog for Lord's Jester and there were indeed several essences listed. I'm going to leave my guesses anyway. According to the Lord's Jester blog there are 17 notes to Dionysus including ambergris, africa stone, cognac and jonquil.

Dionysus: the ancient Greek god of wine.

Dionysus opens with a strong spicy wine note (allspice or clove? cognac?) that starts to dissipate almost as fast as it appeared, leaving behind an earthy, wet, smoky (hay?), musky, animalic (hyraceum?) aroma. The initial spiciness was an olfactory jolt but Dionysus moves seamlessly into a smooth, sexy, sweaty, animalic extension of my own body scent. The hyraceum (?) jumps out and dips back into hiding again and again. There is nothing timid about this perfume. It is fleshy & raw and develops into something sweet & balsamic (peru balsam?), yet still very primal. There's something floral but I can't pinpoint what it is. Dionysus gave me at least 2.5 hrs of its time and the spiciness lasted the duration, albeit on a softer scale. This perfume is pure heat.

One word: sex

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Lisa BTB said...

Hahaha...well after reading other reviews of Dionysus I found out that with the exception of cognac & hyraceum I was far off the mark with my guesses. Ahh well...