06 July 2010

The Mystery of Musk - Drifting Sparks

Drifting Sparks by Lisa Fong of Artemisia Natural Perfume

Drifting Sparks opened strong with the quickest burst of citrus. The citrus note appeared and disappeared so fast that if I hadn't sniffed right away I might have missed it. It flowed right into sweet soft florals with head notes of mastic & beeswax absolutes, rose otto, bois de rose and cedar wood. It reminded me of a couple Artemisia perfumes I've tried in that there is an exotic floral feel to it. As the heart notes started to move forward the citrus note made a subtle reappearance. Rose, orange blossom and jasmine sambac absolutes form the heart along with nyctanthes abortristis blossom essential oil. The heart is interesting. Rose & jasmine took turns peeking through ever so lightly. One moment I felt as though I was walking through a fragrant rose garden. The next moment I smelled the sweet warmth of jasmine (and possibly nyctanthes aborttristis as the blossoms are described as being highly fragrant and sweetly scented). As the base notes started to come forth it became less sweet, more woody and earthy, still with a faint floral. The base is composed of ambergris, agarwood, angelica root, ambrette seed & black current absolutes, oud, motia attar, sandalwood and siam wood.

Drifting Sparks is a lovely fragrance with a tropical feel. It's not a very strong perfume, aside from the initial citrus blast. It lasted about 2 hours before fading. I didn't get much of a musk "kick" rather something more warm & woody and not so "dirty". That said Drifting Sparks is a fragrance that I'd love to add to my collection.

one word: exotic


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading your reviews! I think your summary of one word is especially nice, as it gives a good brief description in the mind of the reader :)

Lisa BTB said...

Thank you so much. Honestly I thought I'd crack under pressure LOL.