09 June 2010

I Think I Need An Intervention - More Flowers

I visited the nursery yesterday again and bought more flowers. It wouldn't be so bad if I had room for all of them but I don't at the moment. I'll make room, of course, but I really need to get a grip. ;-) I've never grown roses before yet I bought a rose bush. I guess you have to start somewhere. I bought 4 heliotrope. I couldn't pass on those. I bought a popcorn cassia (Cassia didymobotrya). OK, I'd never heard of this one but the leaves smell like buttered popcorn (or burnt popcorn depending on who you ask). Now let's look at this issue. It just shows how sometimes I get so excited about flowers and plants that I don't really think. The popcorn cassia has lovely yellow flowers and evergreen colored leaves (that fold close at night) but is a shrub (a revelation that hit me as my thoughts were going popcorn cassia, popcorn cassia, pop..uhh...cassia?) that can grow 5-10' with a recommended minimum 61 degree temp. So where am I to put it if I don't have room for my other smaller plants? It's actually looking like this one will be grown inside during the winter months. I also bought lotus and water lily seeds. Yeah, a bit ambitious I know.

I took a trip to the store today to get pots for my newest additions and wouldn't you know...I saw hibiscus for sale. sigh I didn't buy one but it sure was close for a moment. Someone call A&E.

On a brighter note my tuberoses are coming along nicely. I started them last year with 1 bulb. There was only one bunch of about five blossoms. This year I replanted the baby bulbs and now I have close to 20 shoots. Yay! I can hardly wait for these beauties to bloom.


Libby said...

Well, at least you will have a beautiful floral environment. You already bought them so now you can enjoy them. I can already smell them from here. :-)

Lisa BTB said...

I will definitely enjoy them when they're all in full bloom. It's so nice to sit outside and get a whiff of the sweet florals when the wind blows. I'm planning a raised bed for next year. I'm hooked lol.