14 August 2013

Classic Perfume Interpretation

Narcisse Noir on the right
Back in December of last year I joined a few other indie perfumers in a perfume project where we were to build a natural interpretation of a classic perfume. But as time passed the project fizzled.  My choice was Caron's Narcisse Noir.  Now I've never smelled this perfume so to build my interpretation I only had a handful of reviews to go by. A challenge yes, but I preferred it this way. Narcisse Noir was created in 1911 for the House of Caron by Ernest Daltroff. It has been described as fruity floral or floral oriental. The floral oriental description is why I chose it (and because it was also described as one of those dirty little perfumes that a lady wouldn't be caught dead wearing). I am pleased with how my perfume has come together, though it needs one more tweak. Although this project started out going in one direction my perfume has moved in another. I think I abandoned the idea sometime ago when things started to really slow down within the group.  With that said, look for this to be available in the fall (on or around the Autumnal Equinox). In the meantime I think I'll try to track down a sample of vintage Narcisse Noir. More updates later.

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