24 May 2011

Now That 'Nymph' Is Completed

The perfume for the 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' perfume event is completed and on its way to the bloggers. Now I wait. 

My thoughts:

1. Challenges can be hard (I guess that's why its a challenge...duh)
2. The time factor is the real issue
3. It's a learning experience 
4. Sometimes things don't work out as planned (sometimes it's better, sometimes it's not)

There are parts of my perfume that I really like. Overall though I wasn't pleased. It needs a lot more time and work but that's the nature of these events. Maybe I'll revisit it at another time. For now I'm moving on to the next 'thing'. :)


Bellatrix perfumes said...

I am completely not happy with mine. But I have to start from somewhere. :)

Lisa BTB said...

Very true. It's a learning process.