16 April 2011

Channeling Shakespeare

As I recently posted I will be taking part in the Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Event hosted by Amanda Feeley of Essential Alchemy. Although I've participated in perfume challenges before this is the first that will actually put me and my little scented creation out in the public eye to be critiqued. I'm excited! And nervous. OMG...what if everyone goes crazy over my perfume and HAS to have it? Will I be able to keep up with the demand? Oh no! What if it is universally hated? Will I be banished from the perfuming community forever? Yikes! :^)

Seriously, this is a great opportunity for me to get my name "out there". I KNOW this will be a fun, interesting and enlightening experience and I look forward to it. Now if Mr Shakespeare would kindly step forward I have a few questions to ask.
So, what direction am I going in with this perfume? My initial thoughts run along these lines:
woody, mossy, smoky, musky, damp, herbal, slightly floral and slightly sweet. Of course all this may change by the time I get to the end product, but being that I'm a fan of woody scents that aspect will most likely remain. I haven't based this around any particular character as yet although I have one in mind. I pulled out about 30 essences and will narrow those down as I start to build my perfume. One thing I'm (almost lol) sure of is that this will be oil based. 

That's all for now.....


Ankica said...

Good luck to both of us :)
I just drying to mix something now... My hands are shaking (maybe I am just too sleepy) and I spilled 50% of what I've made. Good bye Santum album. :)

JoanElaine said...

I am really looking forward to hearing more about this project. I hope your scent is a success!

On the topic of negative criticism, it could happen, but the positve always outweighs it. There was a scent in the Mystery of Musk project that was harshly judged by one person, but so many others loved it! In the end, that one harsh judgement didn't really matter.

Lisa BTB said...

Oh no Ankica, not the santal! :( I have notes written out and will start blending today. I'm sure your perfume will be beautiful. Maybe we can exchange samples when this is completed.

Lisa BTB said...

Hi JoanElaine,

I agree with the positive outweighing the negative. Actually I don't mind the negative so much if it is constructive. I try to take it all into consideration.

HJ said...

How exciting Lisa, can't wait to hear more about what essences and character you go with!

hugs + luck!

Lisa BTB said...

Thanks Holly! I have only a month left so I better kick it into high gear.

Tracy said...

How's it going, Lisa!?

Lisa BTB said...

Hi Trace! So far so good. I like how it has turned out. I'm nervous and excited at the same time lol.