09 February 2011

What I Learned From Etsy's Success Symposium

This past Tuesday (Feb 8) Etsy held it's Success Symposium from Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, NY. It was webcasted live through Livestream. I spent the first half of the day listening to speakers giving tips on how to be a successful Etsy seller. Some of the more common sense tips had me shaking my head and thinking 'why am I not doing that?' One of the points mentioned was having a complete profile and clear policies posted. I've seen lots of sellers with blank profiles and policies and wondered why they hadn't filled that area in. I have both but after viewing the symposium I went back to my own profile and realized it needs complete revamping.

Listening to Lorrie Veasey's segment she suggested to only use Post-It notes for your to-do list. A short list is more easily completed than a long one. I should know. I'm a list maker and I always seem to have at least 10 things on my to-do list. So I'm going to take Lorrie's advice and put my list on a virtual Post-It note.

Tasks 1-3
Rewrite profile
Rewrite policies
Rewrite announcement

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