12 February 2011

More Home Improvement

Continuing on with tips from Etsy's Success Symposium I'm moving on to one of the lists provided by Vanessa Bertozzi. There are a lot of little details that get overlooked when setting up shop but once they're done you won't have to worry about them, unless they change of course. 

-Be present
I'm working on a feasible schedule to offer "office hours" for Etsy buyers. I realize that we all have lives outside of Etsy but I really try to answer any convos right away. It bothers when I have to wait 3 or 4 days to get a response back from someone. In most cases I just move on.

-Have a good name
I think I have that covered LOL.

-Have more than 5 listings in your shop
More products to be listed by Monday.

-Offer a custom listing if possible
This is one I'll have to think more about. Maybe within a month or so I can implement this.

-Write in first person
I admit I was not doing this. I have gone back over my profile and made changes.

-Fill out your profile and tell your story (refine your story)

-Have an avatar and banner
Also done thanks to Michelle Raine on Etsy.

-Show your location

More to come. Stay tuned! :-)

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