16 January 2011

Necessary Unnecessary

Customer service is very important in business. How well you treat your customer can make the difference between a repeat sale and sending the customer to a competitor. I've found that this comes into play more when there is a problem with an order. How well and how fast is the problem resolved. But what happens when all goes well? How do you stand out in the crowd? Going the extra step can make an impression but how much of the 'extra' is necessary?

1. Adding samples (yours or a non-competitor's)
2. Adding a separate thank you card (extra paper)
3. Just handwriting 'Thank You' on the invoice (personal touch)
4. Adding a coupon

What are somethings that you have received with an order that you thought could have been left out?


CSD said...

I fully agree on 1-4, sometimes if I'm having a major blowout sale like I am right now (50% off the entire shop) and I get an order from a brand new client I'll include a little something else from my shop. iPod cozies can commonly be found inside the boxes shipped to my customers who purchase other fabric items like clutches or totes. Its just a nice way to say thanks for thinking of my shop.

Stuff I'd say should be left out -- items that don't relate at all to what I'm buying. I once purchased a bar of soap & found 3 ACEO's in the box. I was confused. It made me think 'gee, I guess that was leftover crap in their house and I was the winner to receive it!'

PS can you do me a HUGE favor? On your blogroll link can you change the name of my blog to Chucka Stone Designs from Random Luncay? I'm separating those now & greatly appreciate it! :-)

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Very true! These are all deciding factors as to whether you have a repeat sale or not, and I can fully attest to it all!

Another good idea is to include some tips or instructions with your product. Don't just assume your buyer will automatically know what to do with it-especially if it's a gift. I now include care instructions with all my handmade soap purchases because I've read complaints from other soapmakers that their customers say their soap doesn't last very long.

Lisa BTB said...

LOL 3 ACEOs? Yeah that sounds like 'decrapification'. I was thinking about this because another seller mentioned she'd rather not have the extra thank you cards. She thought it was a waste since she'd just throw them away. I know people appreciate samples. I know I do lol.

Lisa BTB said...

That's a good tip Patrice. I suppose not many people think of it but leaving a bar of soap in a water filled soap dish does nothing for it's lifespan lol.

BonAndChi said...

Thanks for the tips~ :D
Gave me some new ideas about "gifts" to include with the purchase....

I had gotten a zip tag thing with my zip purchase~ :) that was pretty nice.

Maybe on the back of the thank you card there could be a coupon code or something? that way it's not so much of a waste.

Lisa BTB said...

BonAndChi, that's an idea, combining a thank you card with a coupon. At least the customer may hold on to it a bit longer.