20 June 2010

Scent, You Say?: Therapeutate

It was only a short time ago that I became familiar with natural perfumer Rodney Hughes of Therapeutate. Rodney is a member of the Natural Perfumers Guild and a contributing writer of natural perfumery for Ca Fleure Bon. When I saw that he was also on Facebook I sent a friend request that he graciously accepted. That's when I started to learn more about his line of perfumes and became eager to try them. Reading the descriptions of each perfume posed a problem though. They all sounded so good I didn't know which to choose. :^) So when I ordered samples I asked Rodney to make the selections for me. I was not disappointed. Here is what I received.

Chakra 2, a smooth, warm and smoky floral wood perfume with a bit of citrus. Chakra 2 opens with a lovely dance between jasmine and ginger while blood orange peeks from the background. Soon a very sensual sandalwood takes the stage with jasmine as back up. This perfume is so warm and inviting. I kept sniffing my wrists. It brought back a memory from college when I used to visit a little shop off campus that sold lots of African & Caribbean music and videos. There was always incense burning and reggae bumping. I think I've found a new love.

Vert 9 is, as its name suggests, green! Sharp, herbal, bold and fresh. Very outdoorsy. Once applied to my skin it is tamed, rounded and lightly sweet, yet still very green with its notes of myrtle and lime.

Bespoke No. 3 is warm and rich, powdery and mildly sweet. It's also a bit mysterious. An amber perfume with notes of rock rose, sweet marjoram, cardamom, coriander and sandalwood.

Vodka 5 is a sexy, ambery perfume. Warm and full from sandalwood. Rich from labdanum and vanilla. Sexy from champaca and jasmine.

2010 Printemps NYC sings spring in a sweet, herbal kind of way. This one, to me, is an herb garden in a bottle. The fresh green leaves and sweet flowers Intermingling with citrus. While the description states 2010 Primtemps NYC is a "citrus bomb of a fragrance" I get more sweet herbals than citrus notes on my skin.

Then there is 775 Reserve, for which I'll hold on to my thoughts until later. 775 Reserve intrigues me. It's mysterious and familiar at the same time. This is one perfume I need to spend a lot more time with.

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