25 March 2010

Online Market Venues

Now that I have set up an account on Zibbet I started thinking, am I spreading myself too thin? I have accounts at various other venues, some I use and some I have yet to use. There are similar features from one venue to another. And it would seem that many of the same sellers are selling at the same places. So why do YOU sell at the venue(s) you have accounts with? What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, to selling in one place over another? Do you prefer Artfire over Etsy? Made It Myself over Silkfair? Twolia over FuzzB? 1000 Markets, ShopHandmade, DaWanda. eCrater, iCraft, Artbreak......

Do you prefer the handmade over non-handmade specific venues?

With so many directions one could go in why did you choose the one you did? Let talk about it!


Libby said...

Spreading myself too thin...I have temporarily put my shop in vacation mode per a discussion with my crafty aunt during the course of my vacation. My prices need to be consistent and more representative of what its worth. So, even though I only sell on Etsy, I've decided to streamline my shop and place only things that I think would sell best there for a reasonable price for the average shopper. You'll have to check back to see what I choose. :-)

Other than that, I've decided to allow those other items to be sold in local shops (although not so local to me). There I would be able to get more of the value.

I've thought about craft shows too, but for now it's just about getting organized and doing something I can manage and be proud of.

Lisa BTB said...

I think it's spreading myself too thin also. I started closing several accounts that I'm not using and probably won't use. I'm working on my website also, so another reason I won't need to go through all these other venues.

Libby said...

Sounds good. I think streamlining is best for me too because I do have a day job and I don't want this love of mine to become overwhelming. That would take the fun out of doing what I love to do. Best wishes to you and your site. :-)