06 January 2009

How Rude :-)

I say Happy New Year to you all then disappear for a few days. :-) No worries!  I still luv ya! I have been working on a few business matters, getting my shops in order and trying my hardest to take halfway decent pictures lol.  I'll be launching my website soon also. Finally, since I've only been holding the domain for, what, 2 years?

Besides that:
I am the new team leader for Etsy's Artists of Color street team.  Yay me!  Those not familiar with EAOC, it is a team of minority Etsy sellers from all over the world.  Not only is the US represented, we have members from the UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Barbados and Spain.  I know this will be a challenge but I'm up for it.  Looks like I'll be putting my new schedule to test. 


maturenatural said...

Congrats! I'm one of EAOC's biggest fans and the street team is really growing.

BlossomingTree said...

Thank you! Yes the team is growing and it's very exciting. There's so much talent within the group.

kat said...

Please check your Etsy Convos - I've sent you one (re: http://blossomingtree.blogspot.com/2008/12/and-winners-are.html ).

T @ schneiderlakepaper.etsy.com