27 December 2008

Why Wait?

I have been in a funk for far too long. There are so many things I need to do but come up with an excuse not to do them because I "just don't feel like it." It really is ridiculous. Really. I have several unfinished projects waiting for my attention. Why wait to make a New Year's resolution? I don't keep them anyway. It has to be done now. This is my pledge and you all are witnesses (did I say that out loud?). Besides, it's time I got up off my rear anyway. 

Now, who's seen that to-do list?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Good for you! I've given up making to do lists and resolutions. I found completing them came at an equally unhealthy cost. The end never seemed to justify the means. So now my challenge is one of fewer challenges. It makes sense, just trust me. Good luck.

creationsbyeve said...

I hate todo lists!! There were so many at my previous work!I love to just beeing lazy some times :)

BlossomingTree said...

LOL if I don't have my to-do list I get nothing done. But I believe that comes from putting things off. If I take care of what I need to right away I wouldn't have to write it down to do later. So that is something I'll have to work hard on to improve.