06 November 2008

I'm Tired...Giveaway

Contest Closed
What are you tired of?

Post here and enter to win an "I'm Tired" eco friendly bracelet from I'm Tired Online. The bracelets are made of recycled tires and metal, with half of the retail price going to charity. You choose the charity.

  • aids

  • Alzheimer's

  • animal cruelty

  • autism

  • cancer

  • child abuse

  • diabetes

  • global warming

  • heart disease

  • world hunger

The winner will be selected at random by random.org. You MUST leave a way for me to contact you whether it be an email address, blog or shop on Etsy, DaWanda, Silkfair or ShopHandmade.

1. Contest begins at 12:00AM Thursday 6 November 2008 and ends at 11:59PM Sunday 9 November 2008.

2. One comment per person. Duplicates will be discarded. Only comments addressing the question "What are you tired of?" will be included.

3. Open to everyone 18 yrs and older.

4. The winner agrees to have his/her response posted the following day in a congratulatory post.


UniqueNurseGranny said...

All the charities are such worthwhile ones..Hope the Give Away goes well.I am tired of cleaning house.I want a maid..

Digital Misfit said...

LOVE charitable shops!
I am tired of waiting for the mail. I am waiting on a grant information package to arrive (for the charity that I run), as well as several items from etsians. Always waiting. sigh.

GreenWorks said...

I'm tired of feeling tired.


~alison said...

This shop sounds great! Can't wait to check it out! Boy - I am tired of lots of things...where to start...
I'm tired of people disregarding gay and lesbian rights as if they are human, the fact that the gov't has made solar energy a cheaper solution to electric, i'm tired of working full time and going to school full time, tired of society taking away people's right to FEEL....I could go on all day!

Diana said...

I am tired of illness, especially the suffering of the mentally ill. They are ignored or discriminated against by insurance companies and almost anyone who doesn't want to try to understand another person. I am tired of lack of empathy. Thank you for the space to vent a bit.