05 September 2008

Eat Local Project Update

My how time flies! It doesn't seem as though a month has passed since I started this project. It's been very interesting. I certainly didn't get out of it all I'd hoped but I believe my goals were set a bit high for such a short test run. I plan on continuing and taking more notes on what I've learned and how I've adjusted.

What surprised me the most was the produce I hadn't expected to see grown in Michigan. Peaches? In Michigan? Sure is!!! I never knew this. What I did know about was the abundance of cherries, grapes and berries grown here. As a matter of fact, in the city where I live there is a big Strawberry festival every year. I've come across squash, peppers, green beans, potatoes, green leaf vegetables, lettuce, carrots, corn, egg plant, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, cucumbers, melons and a host of herbs. This is all from just ONE produce market. And there are so many other markets to choose from.

One thing I did notice is that I enjoy coming up with or trying new recipes. I'd fallen into a slump when it came to preparing daily meals. Having this fresh produce was kind of a motivator to make meals that were different but that everyone would still enjoy. If I remember I'll take pics and post them here. Next stop...canning...LOL!

Since fall is approaching I am readying my family for a trip to an apple orchard. I have such fond memories of going apple picking, climbing the trees and pulling a juicy red delicious right from the branch, polishing it off & taking a bite (hey I was a kid and dirt didn't matter lol), drinking cider and eating warm fresh donuts, then falling asleep on the ride home happy and full.

For anyone interested:

Block's Stand & Greenhouse, LLC
29160 Eureka Rd, Romulus, MI 48174

Detroit Eastern Market
2934 Russell, Detroit, MI 48207

Ann Arbor Farmers Market
315 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

People's Food Co-op
216 N. Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

10 Reasons To Eat Locally Grown Food (pdf file)

And so I continue...:)


Emmy Lou said...

good for you! I've been on the same kick. and here in this high elevation desert we are just passing peak season. This weekend I will be pickling for the first time :)

~alison said...

This is fantastic. I am ALL about eating from the local farmer's. An easy way to do so - is to order produce on spud.com and select only local. You will only receive local produce. (I don't know if spud.com delivers in all areas.)

Walk in the Woods said...

I just love, Love, LOVE seeing this!

luluvillage said...

That is amazing! You are amazing- the determination involved...

Diana Elaine said...

Hi Blossom!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm feeling better tonight, hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Thank you for your loyalty. :-)


Debra said...

I love buying things fresh!!

BlossomingTree said...

Thank you all for following along with me on this. I really appreciate all your tips and advice. They have really helped me a lot.

alison - spud.com doesn't deliver in my area, unfortunately.:(

Rosebud Collection said...

We usually go apple picking..in I can't make it, we go to the farm and get them already bagged..A very happy time..

maturenatural said...

I love spending my early Saturday mornings at Eastern Market. Thanks for the list.

Stormee said...

Hey, my father-in-law has apple,pear,and plum trees, this year I canned plum jam and applesauce. I am waiting for the pears to get a little bit riper and I will make pear jam. I did not know that canning was so much fun.