10 August 2008

Where Do I Start?

Celebrate With Style

I recently participated in a blog comment contest on Celebrate With Style . Celebrate With Style is a wonderful resource for tips on planning events, such as parties and fundraisers. The winner would receive several beautiful items donated by awesome shops, on and off Etsy. I was so surprised to learn that I was the winner! So many great items, I was just taken aback. The picture doesn't do them justice. A great big THANK YOU to the Celebrate With Style team and to the designers that participated/donated their wonderful wares. Please stop by Celebrate With Style. There is a wealth of information there that can help ease the stress of planning your next big event.

This is what I received:

Your FlipFlops

Forever Flowers

1. Pretty Pear Designs

2. Get Happy Goat Soap

3. Flying Needle Gallery

1. Colie Art

2. Broken Teepee Designs

3. & 4. Estancia Designs

5. Purple Cloud Studio

6. Cyndie Smith Designs

7. Liebling Art Crafts

8. Hot Rocks Glass Jewels

Eat Local Project

Just a brief update on how my project is coming along. So far I have been able to switch to Michigan potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and apples. Well the apples aren't new to the list.:) Michigan apples have long been my preference ever since I first went to an apple orchard as a kid and pulled them right from the tree. I have basil, dill and rosemary from my garden, as well as, lemon verbena and several mints. My banana peppers have bloomed so it won't be long before I can use them.

Blossoming Tree Newsletter

The newsletter that was supposed to go out in July was postponed because of several changes being made with Blossoming Tree Bodycare. All new information will be shared in the August newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet you can do so using the form on the right sidebar.

More Etsy Goodness

I received these packages this week as well.

3 Jumbo Caffe Mocha Coffee Espresso Glass Magnets from myrockart.etsy.com purchased for me by my Secret Pal from The Soap Dish forum.:) Aren't they cute?

Nicotiana Fragrant Delight seeds from fluffnflowers.etsy.com (not pictured)
Blackberry plant from fluffnflowers.etsy.com

These two were purchased from my Etsy Organic teammate fluffnflowers. I'm so excited about these. I hope they are resistant to my "thumb of death" LOL. I try hard to do right by my plants. I'm very impressed by those that survive my care.:D

And For Good Measure More Wildflower Photos


fluffnflowers said...

Thanks for the mention! :) If you need any help or have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them as well as I can.

It looks like you made quite a haul! Congrats on the win.

BlossomingTree said...

Thank you! I can almost guarantee that I'll be seeking your advice lol.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

You won all sorts of goodness, congratulations! And, your locavore project is coming along nicely-you've got a few potential recipes with the list you have now.

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Wow! I can't believe how much you won from the contest. I am very jealous! That is a great win! Have fun with everything :)

BlossomingTree said...

T - I tried a different recipe for the squash & potatoes last night. It was delicious. My husband said I NEEDED to go get more green beans lol.

start to finish supplies - I was a surprised myself when I opened the box. I mean, I saw the picture of all the items but when they were actually here it seemed like there was so much more.

lieblingartcrafts said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog and commenting. That's so cool you won the Celebrate With Style giveaway! I was wondering about that :) Congrats!


BlossomingTree said...

Thank you! I really love the earrings.

Rita Kontny said...

I have been wondering who won that drawing! Hope the flipflops fit!

BlossomingTree said...

Rita, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your donation to the giveaway. The flip flops are perfect!