04 August 2008

Meet The Etsy Organic Street Team

Team contacts:
GreenWorks - silk screening
Organidog - Organic Dog Treats & Cool Clothes For Dogs Of All Sizes

Team members (in no particular order):
fluffnflowers - seeds and plants
blossomingtree - bath and body
locomomomma - crocheted organic baby toys
janetlyn - little shop of knitwitted goods
scentualsensations - bath and body products
HarvestTheSunHerbals - bath and body
greensprings0 - skin care
greenthing - plants, seeds, and recycled crafts
HUDSONVALLEYWOOL - organic Merino and Shetland wool
babyjeanorganics - 100% organic cotton baby line
10oneworld - one world organic clothing
brendaml - organic merino baby handknits
bumbleberrybakery - organic baked goods
mmmmhandmadesoap - bath and body
MamaLovePerfume - organic flower essence and aromatherapy
ecoleeko - Eco Friendly Handmade Plush Stuffed Dolls
LAVENDERDRAGONHERBS - fresh, wildcrafted and organic herbs, herbals, handipped incense
greentrims - organic and reclaimed fabric, lace, trims
redyellowblue - hand dyed & screen printed items
dogandsparrow - eco-friendly gifts for you or your pet
SmellsandBells - bath and body
RoseBudOrganics.etsy.com - organic baby clothing and accessories

We're new and still growing. We have new members joining almost daily.

Our criteria to join is:

* You must sell at least one organic product
* You assume responsibility to ensure that organic labelled products comply with current standards
* You agree to increasing your range of organic products over a period of time (we want sellers to strive for at least 50% of their products being organic)
* You only tag organic products with the EtsyOrganicTeam tag
*You participate as fully as possible in the team

If you feel you're a perfect fit for this team join us! Look for contact information on the Etsy teams page >>here<< or stop over at the Flickr group >>here<<. Also take a moment to visit the team blog >>here<<.


kim* said...

Hello nice to meet you all :)

I upcycle bottle caps, but I am not a totally green artist. The paint isn't "Green".

lovemaryxoxo said...

Cool team idea. Wish I could join :)

Diana Elaine said...

Oh wow, thanks for all those team listings! I need to check them out.

By the way, did you decide on a camera yet?

Thanks for stopping by, and visiting with Maukie. :-)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

what a helpful resource, thanks for sharing.

RainbowMom said...

What a great team. I look forward to checking everyone's stores out. Go Green. Go Organic.

BlossomingTree said...

Thanks for the comments. We're still in the early stages but new members are joining. I'll be updating the post with shop links and as soon as we select a banner I'll have a button on the sidebar to go directly to the team blog.

Hi Diana, no camera yet, however my father has a Canon Powershot and I borrowed his to check it out. So far so good.:)