11 July 2008

Look What's Growing

This is my very small patch of strawberries. I wasn't sure if I'd get any at all but look at what's growing. :) Next year I'll have to plant more.

Strawberry seed oil, an emollient, is a source of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. It may be included in skin care products, mainly for dry and/or damaged skin.


creationsbyeve said...

yummy!!!!!So great to have them growing in your garden!

PumpkinGirl said...

That's awesome! I got exactly 1 strawberry off of my plant this year. I'm not sure who got all the others, but I'm assuming it's a 4-legged creature of some sort!

BlossomingTree said...

LOL that may be the case. I was really excited to see them growing. Last year I didn't get any.