12 June 2008

Five Senses

The thought of how our five senses drives our creativity came to mind today as I realized that much of what I do creatively is based on scent. At some point all five come into play but from the beginning stage it is fragrance that really starts the ball rolling. Are you a visual artist? Photography, painting, drawing, someone driven by color. Do different textures cause dozens of ideas to dance in your head? What about the feel of clay taking shape between your fingers? Are you a culinary artist? A musician?

Which of the five senses dominates and brings out your creativity the most?

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

Interesting question. As a writer I feel my senses are have a certain fusion, an aquiescence that differs from say a sculptor or other visual artists. It's the left brain/right brain conundrum. Granted it is the senses that serve as the catalyst to my musings but, I can't pull them apart to make any definitive claim on which of the 5 is dominant. Again, interesting question...