11 May 2008


Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm Italian and graduate in history of art after that I decide to learn how to make jewelry.

How long have you been crafting and what made you decide to sell?
During university period I met an artisan that started to teach me what he knews about jewelry making. After university I decided to attend a school to learn all about wax casting and started selling my jewells after about 3 months during my first exhibition.

How do you promote your work and where can we find it?
Usually I organized personal exhibitions in jazz clubs and particular places in Rome. From November 2007 I opened a website www.fuscogioielli.com where you can find a virtual shop and from about a month I opened an Etsy account www.cerapersa.etsy.com.

How do you organize your time?
Like every artists I don't have a particular part of my days that is completely dedicated to my work. But usually I prefer the afternoon and the evening.

What is your favorite item that you create?
I love different pieces of my collections especially the little dancers sculptures and a bracelet that is called Hide & seek where two little figures play the game hidden the corners of a square bracelet.

What are your business plans for the remainder of 2008?
I would like to promote my art by internet hope to find foreign people interested on my work and I'm going to organized my next exhibition for the summer time in Rome during a jazz festival.

Do you have a blog so that others can keep in touch with you?


The Nature Nut said...

Great interview and such an interesting artist!

Beat Black said...

o wow, such uniques pieces she has!

BlossomingTree said...

Yes she does have unique pieces. I really like The Jazz Tree.

Fabiana Fusco - creazione gioielli said...

Thanks so much to have featured me!!! And for the compliments!!:)