08 April 2008

Aromatic Adventures

Let me start off by saying I love scent. Definitely “good” scents but “bad” scents have their place. How else would we appreciate the scents we love if they weren’t interrupted by the more (subjective) offensive odors? I have been blending a limited number of essential oils for several years but only recently become much more interested in digging deeper and becoming more familiar with plants & their essences. So I will be posting my aromatic adventures and sharing my studies & samplings of what nature has to offer. Or at least what I can get my hands on. :)

All are welcome to follow this path with me. Comments, questions, suggestions, constructive criticism…it’s all appreciated!

So, now I am patiently waiting (OK maybe not so patiently lol) for three orders of essential oils & absolutes to arrive, that I purchased over the weekend. I'm really excited at the thought of sitting at my work table and taking in all the different smells.

On the way I have absolutes of rose, maile vine 3x, tonka bean, jasmine sambac, fenugreek, hay, labdanum, nutmeg, honey, mushroom and cassie. Also essential oils of bergamot, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood (mysore) and fresh star anise. Several I've used before but there's nothing wrong with a bit more...research lol.

I also have ruh khus, ruh kewda and choya nakh preordered. I should be getting those around the middle to end of this month.


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

That sounds like fun.

I'll be looking forward to reading the follow up posts!

BlossomingTree said...

Thanks for stopping by. :)