04 March 2008

Is it soap or did I burn the meatloaf?

I guess my first post here should have been an introduction. However, after my latest soaping adventure I felt the need to share.

Lesson learned: once you have your recipe in place, stick to it.

My plan was to make a rose scented soap using oil infused with powdered rose pedals for color. I had my fragrance, oils, water & lye measured. Everything was in place. THEN, I started to think “what if I added…”. In went one thing after another. I was so excited that I didn’t let my oils or lye solution cool down. I poured it all into a pail and started blending. It looked nice and smooth. I pour into my mold and BAM a…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, VOLCANO! Hot raw soap rising and separating out of the mold. So I hurry and pour it all into the crock and cook it.

Gah! Is it soap or did I burn the meatloaf?

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